Policy:  Section IV page 9 and 10


“The ASC Chair will announce in November all positions opening in January. This information will be carried back to home groups for nominations to be brought back to the area in December & January.


  1. C. Groups bringing forth a nomination are responsible to see that their nominee meets the

requirements needed to serve in the position they are being nominated for.


  1. B. Nominees will only be elected for trusted servant positions if he/she is present at time

of elections. The nominees will be expected to meet all requirements for the position

and be able to answer all questions asked during the nomination and election process.

Each nominee is to be given a copy of requirements, duties and responsibilities of the

trusted servant position they are being nominated for.


  1. D. Nominees are to leave the room when elections are held. Elections of trusted servant

positions are won by majority of votes. If more than one nominee is standing for a

position than a written ballot will be used and the Policy Chair is responsible to count

ballots. If that person is standing for election than another trusted servant will be

chosen by the ASC to count ballots.


  1. E. The trusted servant elections and terms are as follows:

The elections will take place in the Month of January. If someone takes a position at

any other time other than election month it will be for the remainder of that year. If

someone has stepped into a position during the year and wishes to continue with that

position for a full term they will then stand again for election at the regular election

month for a full term. Terms are one year with the exception of positions that have one

year as alternate; one year in the position followed by a term of mentorship. One

example is the Treasurer commitment. See Trusted servant requirements